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"It has given my son lots of confidence! We love our karate family!!"

"Bentley has come so far with lots of things, but respect is the best! He knows the meaning of that"

- Parents of Jordan and Bentley, January 2020


"My son and I started taking classes in February of 2019 and we both have seen massive improvements. My son was 6 when he started, and he has definitely improved with his respect for others and himself, and he has become much more disciplined with tasks at home. He is learning ways to defend himself against any attackers and learning how to deal with bullies at the same time. The martial arts classes not only help physically, but mentally too. As for myself, I have lost 30 lbs and have learned new techniques to keep myself and son safe when my husband isn't with us. I feel better physically, and my self confidence is definitely improving at the same time. From day one, I felt like we gained a new family. My son and I have made lifelong friendships in the classes we take, We are so lucky to have Clyde Stanley's, since Sensei Stanley has traveled extensively to gain more knowledge to pass on to his students. All of the Senseis he has trained are extremely proficient in martial arts. Everyone is treated like family, and I look forward to gaining more knowledge over the years we will train!" 

-Beth, Student and Parent of Cade, December 2019

"My son is very weary of new people. I signed him up last week, and at his fourth class last night, I got to see my baby come out of his shell. It was such a blessing I'll never forget.."

- Leslie Smith, November 2017

"Paul is a changed boy. He is confident, tolerant, and happy. He has learned how to deal with bullies and encourage weaker kids" 

- Ted, Parent

I have seen a positive change in Dayton's ability to work independently and individually to complete assignments and perform academically. He is motivated and excited about learning. - TEACHER'S RECOMMENDATION FOR BELT PROMOTION, 3/5/2020

Martial Arts has helped Dayton tremendously with his self-discipline. Dayton has been better about keeping with his studies as well as making sure his responsibilities are taken care of. - Justin, Parent, 3/5/2020

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